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Lookup ID and PIN

When you create a new shared item (note or password), you will receive a Lookup ID and a PIN for it. You need to give these two pieces of information to the person you want to share the item with. You can use email or messenger (e.g. WhatsApp) to send them.

The Lookup ID is not confidential so there is no danger if the wrong person gets a hold of it. The PIN is confidential and works only once, after that it is no longer valid. Do not try to use the PIN yourself for testing, because if you use it up yourself, then no one else will be able to retrieve the item.

Keep your smartphone online

When you create an item that you wish to share, it is not stored on some server. Instead, it remains on your smartphone and waits to be accessed by the recipient. For this reason, you must keep your phone online. For example, if you switch your smartphone to Airplane mode, then Crosspass will not work.

Also, for this same reason, you must enable Push Notifications for Crosspass. They allow the data to be exchanged in the background.

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